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Hello HFMD. June 5, 2012

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4 June. Day 1. HFMD.

She couldn’t have picked a better time to get it actually. It’s the second and last week of our term break, so work has eased and there is the luxury of time and space in the homeland that we have recently spruced up. We drink juices, eat whole fruits and being very thankful for the summer harvests from the other end of the world.

White light in the morning is heartbreakingly beautiful. We sit by the window, eat our breakfast, talk about what we are going to do in the days to come. She plans picnics and bakes and lunch and dinner menu. From someone with several ulcers in the mouth, it’s amazing how she can still love food so much.

And I think a brew will see me through. Coffee or tea, either (or both) will do.

Thank you for being mild, HFMD.


2 Responses to “Hello HFMD.”

  1. CL Says:

    Get well soon, Reanne! And I really salute you Yuling. Even HFMD couldnt stop you from being thankful.

    9mths into motherhood. It has brought out the best and worst in me. I no longer have the luxury to read/write. So glad that I thought of you today and peeped in here. Gonna find time. And gonna find pleasures in the small things in life.

  2. yulingxpress Says:

    Hi hi! Congrats on mommyhood! Hope all’s well on your end! How did your dogs take to the new addition in your family? :)

    Actually, I really can’t take the credit. :) This HFMD strain is a terribly virulent one, but also generally mild, at least for Raeann. She wasn’t feeling sick at all so it was pretty enjoyable staying home with her!

    Do find some time for yourself, babe. It helps me greatly, and that short period of being me and not a mommy makes going back to my child so much more precious. Take good care, must self-care ok? :)

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