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Award | Eleven eleven November 17, 2012

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So Bookjunkie thinks I’m worthy of a blog award!

Here are the rules:

  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!”
  • Make sure the blogs you chose have 200 or LESS followers (don’t think I’m quite following this rule though)

I’m gonna skip the rules – I’m rather behind on my blog reading, more so after three weeks of ‘single parenting’. But here goes 11 random things about myself:

1. I’m a BIG fan of The Big Bang Theory. Never thought I’ll be hooked to the storyline (four geeks and a pretty neighbour – nay. Or so I thought). Now I watch, rewatch, laugh, laugh harder. If you haven’t watched it, you must one day. And sing “Soft Kitty” with me.

2. I have been a pescetarian-trying-to-be-a-vegetarian for more than two years. For ethical, environmental reasons that are a little long to recount here. Now I can’t stand the sight of roasted chickens hooked and hanging at the chicken rice stalls. And I get angry seeing suckling pigs being exchanged at weddings. I’ve seen ridiculous wedding pictures with a ribbon tied to the dead pig and people posing with it like it’s a funny joke worthy of posterity in a wedding photo. I think I fumed for days.


4. I’ve never liked Chinese soups. They taste like flavoured, boiled water to me. At first I thought it was my mom’s soups that didn’t make the mark. Then I found myself making excuses not to go for dinner at my parents-in-laws’ just so I didn’t have to drink their soups. Steamboats are much dreaded too. I’ll make sure I’ll eat something else before I attend any steamboat dinner or party that I can’t avoid. Thick, creamy, chunky soups paired with bread are my staples though. 

5. I didn’t wear skirts until I graduated from university. There were dark, brown, unsightly scars dotted all around my legs, and I wasn’t confident striding forward in an outfit that showed my flawed skin. I still don’t have perfect legs, but my outlook on life has grown so much stronger. It’s not what you wear on the outside. It’s what you feel on the inside. 

6. Growing up, I hardly had any toys. The best toy I had was a Play Dough machine that my parents bought me when I got first in standard in primary one. It could churn out play dough noodles, and there were moulds to make burger patties. I was the chef, the cashier, the customer, the cleaner. If play pretend had a gene, I have passed on mine to my missy. I went on to get first in standard for the next five years, but my family was going through such turbulence that even I as an eight-year-old knew it wasn’t appropriate to ask for a reward anymore. My first Lego experience – playing with Missy’s first set of Lego.

7. I think I almost went into depression after my first break-up. It was a tough tough tough period. That weighs in as one of the worst periods of my life, together with my parents’ divorce and father’s death.

8. I think Chinese New Year is a meaningless affair. For years, I dread this time and am always plotting to get away from it all. Thanksgiving should be celebrated and honoured.

9. I don’t have the patience for manicure and pedicure. I love seeing the pretty colours on others’ nails, but sitting down for an extended period of time while I do nothing, just quite isn’t my thing.

10. Missy has more pairs of shoes than I do. All thanks to her favourite Aunty Imp.

11. I don’t use squatting toilets. Oh gosh, how I dislike even the look of them.

And, Bookjunkie, here are my answers to your questions!

 1. What is the best trip you have ever made that you would recommend to others? Which country did you visit?

Regrettably, I hardly travel, so my recommendation may hardly be of any worth. My last trip to Perth was glorious. There are blue skies with the cutest of clouds, deep green grass that have been home to many picnic mats, gracious drivers who give way and smile, crisp mornings that I can wear a sweater in, lovely coffee anywhere and everywhere I go, quaint bookstores that I can only dream of. My life slowed down, languid and lovely.

2. If you could choose, where would you have liked to be born?

Sweden. There’s fika!

3. What is your dream vocation?

I want to be the owner of a small bed-and-breakfast guesthouse. There will be fresh flowers everywhere, small blooms, no sunflowers because I find that flower a little creepy looking. Freshly baked bread in the mornings, and I will ALWAYS serve dessert. Guests can leave behind a little something, just as a little surprise for the next guest – a ticket stub from the museum, a wild flower that had dropped on the sidewalk, a crisp leaf that had dried up, a handwritten note, hearts drawn on napkins. Writing this makes me smile already.

4. What blog or website do you read daily without fail?

I don’t read blogs or websites daily now. Does Instagram and Twitter count?

5. What book are you reading now?

Bringing up Bebe. And feeling a little proud that I have unwittingly parented Missy in ways that were supposedly ‘French and elusive’.

6. Do you play an instrument?

I played the piano when I was young, and stopped after my Grade 5 exam because taking exams were taking out the fun of playing the piano. Doesn’t the very term ‘playing piano’ signify that it should be ‘play’ and thus ‘fun’? I played the trombone too for ten years in my school bands. That was fun.

7. What did you like best about your childhood?

Reading. My mom allowed me to read at meal-times. I’m hardly seen without a book in hand. I read Jane Eyre at seven, and was hooked to Penguin Classics ever since. Every Enid Blyton book that I own – I have read them at least three times from front to back, some probably in the two-digit range.

8. What is your biggest regret?

Not having the resources to learn many more things when I was a kid.

9. Name 5 of your favourite foods?

My own chocolate-beet cake, my husband’s handmade curry linguine, my neighbour’s assam laksa, salmon sashimi, liu-sha bao.

10. Name your favourite celebrity.

Currently, Jim Parsons. I’m crazy over Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory!

11. What is the most important value to you?

This is hard. I will go with contentment. This got me through my growing up years when everyone around me seemed to have so much more.

There you go. My longest blog post in a long while. Do it if you wish!


12 Responses to “Award | Eleven eleven”

  1. imp Says:

    What a meaty post. Hehehehehe. Still discovering things about you even though I know quite a fair bit already! These memes/tags are pretty interesting. Well. I like supplying shoes to lil’Missy! Kekekeke.

    • yulingxpress Says:

      Oh yes, you do know me pretty well already! :) No more shoes! Not until she wears out the red pair, which she still can’t wear! :p

      I totally enjoyed your post, babe. Inspiring as always, you. You are one big gem. The world is lucky to have you!

  2. bookjunkie Says:

    It’s so lovely to read your response. I feel that I know you a little better now and you’re as sweet as I imagined.

    Didn’t know that your childhood was so hard. I would want to book a stay at your future bed and breakfast :)

    Going to come back to this post and read it again slowly. That’s what I love about your words…so pleasing to read. Makes me feel so relaxed.

    • yulingxpress Says:

      I’m not that sweet! I can be very headstrong and irrational – like my fear and hatred for cats!

      Thanks for inviting us to the fun. It’s really a good way to know more about one another! I felt myself reliving my past alot, and it doesn’t hurt, so that was great! :)

  3. mirrror Says:

    smiled to myself when i read about your comments on cats. :p

    Can so visualise your future B&B. With missy helping you and Latte by your side. Definitely a beautiful place to be. Oh, and a herb garden for your kitchen.

    Maybe will try the tags/memes too. ;)

    • yulingxpress Says:

      When I have my B&B (if I do have), Latte will probably not be around anymore. :( Yes, how could I have forgotten about my herb garden!

      Do try the meme! Looking forward to reading it! :)

  4. FML Says:

    coming over from imps blog…
    >> I think Chinese New Year is a meaningless affair
    I’m with you on this too, like Christmas, it’s getting too commercialized. but still gotta luv it coz it’s comes with 2 public holidays lolz :)

    • yulingxpress Says:

      Hi there! :)

      I work part-time now, so public holidays don’t mean the same to me as they did in the past! I still love Christmas as I can still make it meaningful and intimate every year, but I can’t control how my folks want to spend CNY, and I can’t seem to find any meaning in it!

  5. allofmia Says:

    Thanks for sharing so much about you! Hugs to you!

  6. bemusedtotz Says:

    Love, love, love this post. Actually, I just love reading your writing. ; )

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