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Belle and Sebastian in town! August 8, 2010

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A decade ago, back in my freshman year, I was introduced to Belle and Sebastian by a dear old friend. The male lead’s voice was bewitching in a good sort of way – trippy, floaty, real. The lyrics were a wild mix of melancholy, quirk, fun, surrealism. I tried to put their songs in a genre, but I never quite got it. Indie? Folk? Pop? Rock? It really doesn’t matter. I just love them. Love at first hearing.

Their songs kept me company through overnight train rides, vast padi fields, tangerine sunrises, lazy afternoons, thesis trauma, dating woes, marriage highs and many moments that marked my rite of passage as a twenty-something. And in this last year of being a twenty-something, I finally see and hear them live as live can be. And it was nothing short of a mind-blowing, awesome, sensational, delightful, crazy good experience.

(Photos all by imp)

I was insanely jealous of the four local violinists who get to perform on the same stage as them. And I think I’m still crushing on Stuart – that voice, that wit, that humour, that groove! I was really disappointed Storytelling wasn’t included in the set, but then I realised that was sung by Isobel, so that explains everything. But there was Fox in the Snow, Beautiful, Sleep the clock around, If You’re Feeling Sinister, Judy and the Dream of Horses and many more that I love – so it’s still a wonderful set. And I’ve got a pretty tote from the imp to keep the euphoria with me for a longer time!

Oh be still, my heart.

Got to go back now to my playlist and nurse the post-gig withdrawal blues.



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